Company: Hammond's Ltd

Registration number: 130071

Company name: Hammond's Ltd
Dates in business: 1821-1973

Type of business: Department store retailers

Type of company: Private limited liability company 1913

  • Old North Bridge, Hull, Yorkshire, England
  • Osborne Street, Hull, Yorkshire, England
  • 1 Paragon Square, Hull, Yorkshire, England
  • King Street, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England

Company history

H W Hammond founded his drapery business, trading as H W Hammond situated on the old North Bridge in Hull, England, in 1821. The company stayed at its original location for 40 years before moving to larger premises in Osborne Street, Hull.

James Powell and his three sons purchased H W Hammond's business in 1889 and the store, trading as H W Hammond & Co in July 1913 and remained a family business until 1972.

Owing to a gradual change in the centre of Hull, a new store was opened in May 1916, which contained elevators and a large restaurant. An escalator was added at a later date. An additional storey was added to the building in 1932.

In 1941, the main building was destroyed during air raids, however, within a week 47 departments reopened in a temporary location and carried on the business. Despite the difficult times spent in the temporary location, the business continued to flourish and plans for a new store were developed. The new building was opened on 16 May 1952. After the completion of the remaining part of the building the business developed considerably. The 3rd floor was opened partially in 1954 and the remainder, which included a restaurant, was opened in 1957. Two years later a hairdressing salon was opened.

In 1960, a new warehouse was opened to house the furniture, carpet and soft furnishing workrooms, the food group office, stock rooms and the packing rooms. It was extended four years later. A fourth floor was added to the main building to create more selling space on the lower floors.

In January 1969, Carlton's department store in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England, was acquired and within 14 months the old building had been pulled down and a new 30,000 square-feet building was rebuilt on the site. The services in the new store were very similar to the one in Hull.

In May 1972 the store was acquired for GBP8,000,000 by House of Fraser Ltd , department store retailers, Glasgow, Scotland, and the company changed its name from Hammond's Ltd to Army & Navy Stores Ltd on 20 November 1973. The store, Hammond's, situated at 1 Paragon Square, Hull, continued trading as part of House of Fraser plc in 2003.

Records held for Hammond's Ltd:

FRAS 1210
Title: Photographs
Date: 1820-1971
FRAS 1211
Title: Scrapbook relating to the store
Date: 1940s-1950s
FRAS 1212
Title: Annual report and accounts
Date: 1971
FRAS 1213
Title: Staff guidelines
Date: 1880s-1960s
FRAS 1214
Title: Correspondence
Date: 1945-1975
FRAS 1215
Title: Customer bills
Date: 1890-1962
FRAS 1216
Title: Advertisements
Date: 1895-1921
FRAS 1217
Title: Store label
Date: 1970
FRAS 1218
Title: Press cuttings
Date: 1969-c.1974
FRAS 1219
Title: Souvenir catalogue
Date: 1971
FRAS 1220
Title: Documents concerning takeover
Date: 1973
FRAS 1221
Title: Correspondence concerning takeover
Date: 1973-1975
FRAS 1222
Title: Articles of Association
Date: 1913-1973
FRAS 1223
Title: Private ledgers
Date: 1899-1949

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: House of Fraser Ltd
Dates of connection: 1972
Connection type: In May 1972 Hammond's Ltd was bought by House of Fraser Ltd for 8 million pounds.
Corporation name: Carltons
Dates of connection: 1969
Connection type: In 1969 Hammond's Ltd acquired Carltons store in Bridlington.
Corporation name: H W Hammond & Co
Dates of connection: 1913
Connection type: H W Hammond & Co was incorporated in 1913.
Corporation name: H W Hammond
Dates of connection: 1889
Connection type: James Powell and his three sons purchased H W Hammond's business in 1889, trading as H W Hammond & Co.

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